Carbon steel wok under fire

What’s the best carbon steel wok around?

One of the primordial chinese cooking tool is a wok, carbon steel wok preferably. Since oven is not a traditional Chinese cookware, you won’t find it in most Chinese family’s kitchen. However, you are likely to stumble upon a carbon steel wok in every chinese home. The shape of a traditional carbon steel wok is hemispherical with the round bottom.

When you live in china you can see protitution late at night

What you should Not Do when you live in China

Generally speaking, it is better to focus on the things you can do rather than those you should not. After-all, if everything you think about is the forbidden, you will never get-out of your bed, let alone leave your country to go live in China. That said, my list of things you should not do in China is made to help you avoid future bitterness and enjoy your experience hassle free.