Chinese Learning

Discover the rules of tone variation in chinese.

Discover how to master the 4 tones of Mandarin Chinese in an easy way.

Chinese pronunciation is the basic part of mastering mandarin Chinese. If you want to learn this language well, it is necessary to lay a good foundation about Chinese pronunciation from the beginning.

You might wonder what is the best program to learn chinese for beginners? The reality is that the immersion will be difficult, but you can make it an enjoyable experience over the long run.

A critical point to understand even with basic mandarin, is that chinese is different from the other phonetic languages. Indeed, Chinese characters only has one syllabus.

The 6 W's of English question styles are all different words. However, in basic mandarin Chinese, if you have learned one word 什shén 么me which means “what”, then you can almost say all the other questions.

The statistic shows that the single most used character in Chinese newspapers or basic mandarin dialogues is “的” (de). This character appears so frequently that you will see it in almost every basic mandarin sentences.

Beaucoup se posent la question “Comment apprendre le mandarin ?”. Dans cet article je vous livre la recette pour réussir dans votre démarche. Certains affirment qu'il est possible de maitriser le chinois en cinq minutes, et souvent le mot « rapide » est utilisé pour toutes les requêtes liées à l’apprentissage de cette langue.

Sometimes, you might just need a quick fix because of an urgent matter. So, in this article I will introduce you to basic mandarin chinese that will help you in these situations.

You might wonder what is the best program to learn chinese for beginners? The reality is that the immersion will be difficult, but you can make it an enjoyable experience over the long run.

Si voulez apprendre le chinois en 5 minutes, vous feriez mieux de faire autre chose. Même pour les gens pressées. La seule complexité des différentes tonalités pourrait vous prendre toute une vie à maitriser. Toutefois, si vous changez votre approche légèrement, il y a de bonnes nouvelles en vue.

You've seen the ads "Learn chinese fast". In all walks of life salesmen, scammers or gurus promise heaven in seconds. It’s no different in area of Chinese language learning. Yet, you can go faster if you mix vision, foundation and perseverance together.

Comment se dire bonjour en chinois est l’une des questions qui sont les plus fréquemment posées concernant cette langue. Aussi simple que cette question puisse paraître, il y a tout un art derrière la salutation ; en fonction de la personne à qui on s’adresse.

If you want to learn chinese in 5 minutes you are better off just doing something else. Even if you are the busy type who just want to know few phrases. Just the sheer complexity of the tones could take you ages to master. That said, there are good news if you are willing to dedicate serious time to learn the language.

Chinese Lifestyle

If you want to know why more and more foreigners live in china longer and longer, keep reading. Pretty girls, Great food, access to many places are some of the main reasons.

Despite the heavy population, there are hidden gems; sometimes, adjacent to the busiest streets in Shanghai city. Many foreigners and locals alike do not know of these places.

Dance in China is so popular that one of the favourite activities of mid to old Chinese men and women is to gather in front of commercial centres or parks early in the morning or late at night to dance.

Generally speaking, it is better to focus on the things you can do rather than those you should not. After-all, if everything you think about is the forbidden, you will never get-out of your bed, let alone leave your country to go live in China. That said, my list of things you should not do in China is made to help you avoid future bitterness and enjoy your experience hassle free.

Work in China

Many people think it is impossible to work in China when you do not speak a word of Chinese; let alone find your dream job. However, I begged to differ…twice; and it was not the kind of dream work entitled “Come teach English in China”.

Chinese Recipes



Soft tofu, draws its origins from many hundreds of years in China. Discover why this high protein food is a boon for the body…and mind.

Soft tofu, draws its origins from many hundreds of years in China. Discover why this high protein food is a boon for the body…and mind.

I show you how to make the best Chinese steamed buns in this recipe. You don't need many ingredients. Just flour, salt, yeast and water.

Thai mango sticky rice is a great dessert that mixes the sweetness of mango, and the unctuosity of coconut milk. Discover what its one of the most delicious dessert you will ever taste.

Pineapple egg fried rice is one of the most delicious dish you can eat in South-East Asia. Discover how to cook this delicious dish quickly.

Sushi is a very delicious and can be made with different ingredients and multitudes of shapes. Discover a quick and easy way to make great sushi you will love at home.

Chinese bubble tea is a very popular drink amongst young people in China. Discover why this simple recipe is so loved.

This Fabulous teriyaki chicken will make you beg for more. The secret is in the sauce as they say. And in this case, that’s absolutely true.

Are you bored with deep-fried squid rings? If so, you got to try this Thai Style Stir-Fried Squid dish I made for you!

Discover the best soft tofu recipe called Ma po tofu. This soft tofu dish is suitable for vegetarians and can be used as a side dish.

Find out how to cook Chinese Style Vegetarian steamed bun | 柳叶包, a traditional and delicious Chinese dish.

Discover the best way to cook this delicious Chinese Style Roasted Pork shoulder called Cha Shao (叉烧) in Chinese.

This is the best Chinese braised pork recipe hands down. This dish goes well with rice and, as left over can make great Chinese braised pork burgers.

Discover this simple and delicious Chinese vegetarian spring rolls recipe. You just need few simple ingredients to make this easy chinese recipe.

Discover how to cook great fried and boiled dumplings with this step-by-step guide.

Simplicity and taste often go well together. San Si Mian (三丝面) is a simple dish to cook and an easy way to understand Chinese culture.

Discover how to cook Xiao Long Bao 小笼包 and why it's so delicious. Come for a quick trip into Chinese heart.

Discover one of my favourite Chinese dishes: Wonton 馄饨. Very delicate skins and great fillings are key for delicious wontons.