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Best Kept Secrets Of Delicious Chinese Style Lamb Wrap

This lamb wrap recipe will rock your socks off. Not only is the lamb part great, but I made it in a wrap to enjoy the full flavor more intensely. For this lamb wrap recipe, I will teach you how to cook the lamb to perfection, make your own wrap (and not that commercial garbage), and be effective in making two wraps at once.

lamb wrap recipe

1.1. Ingredients for the wraps (12)

Flour used to make wrap

❣️200g of plain flour
❣️200g of fine cornflour
❣️150g of self-raising flour
❣️20g of butter
❣️280ml of warm water
❣️15ml of olive oil
❣️Two tablespoons of dusting flour

1.2. Make the Flatbread:

Wraps used for Lamb recipe

– Melt the butter
– Put all the ingredients for the wraps together, and roughly make a dough
– Set the dough for 30 minutes (cover with the lid of a container or cling film)
– Knead for five more minutes and make a smooth dough.
– Cut the dough into 12 small doughs
– Press the small doughs into a flat plate shape, brush olive oil on one side of one dough, then put another flat dough on top of the side with oil.
– Scatter enough dusting flour on a flat surface, and roll the two flat doughs together into a thin flatbread
– Pre-Heat a frying pan at medium heat for 5 minutes.
– Put the flatbread in the pan, and cook each side for about 30 seconds until you see bubbles.
– Take out from the pan and cover with a kitchen towel.

2. Recipe for stir-fried sliced lamb

2.1. Ingredients for the lamb

Lamb recipe and ingredients used for lamb wraps.

❣️500g of lamb neck fillets or lamb leg
❣️350g of spring onions (big ones)
❣️A whole bunch of corianders
❣️3 tablespoons of sweet bean paste
❣️1 teaspoon of cumin powder
❣️1 Tablespoon of sesame oil
❣️4 tablespoons of ground but oil

2.2. Cooking steps for the lamb

Cooked closed lamb made for lamb wrap

a. Thin slice the lamb
b. Slice the spring onions in a diagonal direction into half-inch sizes
c. Roughly chop the coriander
d. Season the lamb with the sweet bean paste and cumin powder. Mix well and set for 20 minutes.
e. Heat a wok at high heat. Wait for the wok to be very hot. (How to tell if your wok is very hot? You drop a teaspoon of water in the wok and should see these water drops floating on the surface).
f. Add the sesame oil to the lamb, and mix well
g. Add the sliced spring onions to the lamb and mix well
h. Add two tablespoons of groundnut oil, then add half of the lamb, and spring onion in the wok.
i. Quickly stir the lamb and spring onions for about 40 seconds until the lamb changes color.
j. Add a handful of coriander, turn off the heat, and take the lamb out of the stove.
k. Wash the wok, heat it again, and repeat steps f to j.

3. Make the lamb wraps

👉 Peel off one flatbread into two wraps. Because we put oil between two flatbread, they are not stuck together after cooking. Therefore it is easy to peel off and obtain two wraps.
👉 Add the cooked lamb on one side of the flatbread, then roll it into a wrap.

4. Full Lamb wrap Cooking Video

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