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This quick test is made for you to assess your Chinese level and for us to understand how best to help you. It’s not compulsory plus it’s fun. Ready? Enjoy!!!!

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Chinese chive pocket is amazing because in essence a vegetarian dish with eggs, Chinese chives, black ear fungus, and vermicelli. Chinese chive pocket is great as a snack, cheap to make or buy, and super healthy.

Coca-Cola chicken wings are delicious, simple to cook, and less oily compared to other chicken wing recipes. It's a winner everyone will love.

For this lamb wrap recipe, I will teach you how to cook the lamb to perfection, make your own wrap (and not that commercial garbage), and be effective in making two wraps at once.

These glutinous rice balls are not challenging to make, and you too can cook them at home, rather than buying chemically made ones.

Discover this Amazing Chinese Style Sea bream fish recipe that uses Sichuan cooking techniques and ingredients.

Dombré is this amazing dish from the French Caribbean (Guadeloupe, Martinique). You cook dombré with beans and pork (mouth, tails, ears).

Discover how to cook the most delicious boiled and fried pork dumplings using an exceptional ingredient that makes all the difference.

This orange and almond cake is super easy to cook, tastes delicious, and won't break your bank account.

Brill fish is the star ingredient in this Cantonese-style "steamed brill fish." The ingredients and cooking method are straightforward; it only takes about 15 minutes from preparation to serving.

Discover why an electric hot pot might just be what you need to get a great taste of China. Hot pot is this very famous dish, people in China like to eat especially during cold weather. The main ingredient of an electric hot pot tends to be lamb sliced finely and all sorts of vegetables and delicious sauces made out of sesame paste.

Discover my amazing fresh chilli sauce recipe. It's easy to cook, tastes delicious, and can last you forever. My fresh chilli sauce is so versatile and can be added to your noodle and pasta sauce.

Discover how to cook this delicious grilled rib-eye steak with stir fried vegetables. It's a fusion between East and West cuisines.

Jenny owner from Eazzy Chinese



Hello My name is Jenny. I am a retired lawyer who decided to use her vast knowledge of the Chinese Culture to help people Learn Chinese easily and fast. I have a first-hand experience of the way people teach chinese and I know the key pitfalls students face. 

Instead of following the most common ways I have decided to introduce you to chinese language using strong foundations that will benefit you in the long run. You will discover why you should understand the origins of key characters if you want to learn faster than others. A bit like the tale of the rabbit and the turtle if you follow what I teach you, you will improve your level beyond imagination.

Teaching is not just about having a passive stance. It is about putting you in situations where you can relate to what you learn in order to move forward. You will learn for example 10 noodle recipes that will get you accepted instantly amongst chinese friends and peers. Along the way you will discover places in China that many locals do not know about.

So, whether you are:

– Someone who wants to travel to China for holiday

– Someone who is planning to move there for a long period of time

– A parent who wants his child to get a new skill

– A business person who wants an accelerated course so he can find his way

we have a recipe that will fit you.

Let's work together

There are a number of Programs available depending on your needs. Lots of contents are available for free on my website and Youtube channel. If you want more specific training we can work toward a tailor made solution for you. 

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One of the main features of China is his cuisine and the diversity of its food. If you were to live in china just to learn about the different styles of food you would probably need many generations of yourself to master that aspect of China. Because we recognise the importance of food in the understanding of Chinese Culture, I have made few instructional videos and blogs about some simple Chinese dishes that are yet very effective if you want to conquer the heart of Chinese people. Dishes like Dumplings, noodle, rice recipes will give you a good vibe about China and what they like. 

Programs Available


In a moment notice your company might require you to pack-up your luggages, and send you to China. Or you might have a business trip where you will have contacts with Chinese workers. No matter the situation, with the BeazzyAccelerator you will be able to manage your way through China.


This one is for those who plan on travelling to China and want to make the most out of it. The most out of it means be able to take a taxi, go to the restaurant, go to the doctor if needed. The focus there is to provide you with a safe-kit package. Welcome to the Eazzy-Accelerator

The Eazzy-Future

There are very good reasons why you should start learning chinese. And the earlier the easier. What more? With the YOUR FIRST KEY 250 CHARACTERS, your child (and adults) can learn the very important foundation that will help them master chinese language easily. If they master 2000-3000 characters they will have proficiency level. That’s only 5 characters a day for 400 days or 2 years.