Brill Fish steamed

The Ultimate Way To Cook Cantonese Style Steamed Brill Fish

Brill fish is the star ingredient in this Cantonese-style “steamed brill fish.” The ingredients and cooking method are straightforward; it only takes about 15 minutes from preparation to serving. But the key to success is that the brill fish must be fresh for this Cantonese-style dish. That’s because steaming, although the most straightforward way of cooking that brill fish, is also the best way to reveal the freshness and sweetness of this dish. Therefore, I do not suggest using frozen fish for this dish. Instead, Brill fish or fresh sea bass is the ideal ingredient.

Steamed brill fish

❣️ 500g to 800g fresh brill fish or sea bass
❣️ A bunch of spring onions
❣️ 2 or 3 red chillies
❣️ 4 to 5 tablespoons of good quality natural brewed light color soy sauce
❣️ 5 tablespoons of olive oil or another kind of vegetable cooking oil.

2. Cooking tools for steaming brill fish:

You need a big steamer and a big plate for this dish. Indeed as you can see, brill fish is not the smallest fish.

3. Preparation

– Chop off the head and tail of the brill fish if you do not like these parts. However, the authentic Cantonese way is to keep the fish with the head and tail on, especially if you serve this dish during the Chinese New year or other festival occasions. The pronunciation of fish in Chinese is “yu” which is the same as the pronunciation for abundance. Chinese have a say that it is not a banquet without a fish. The tradition is that the fish is served as a whole with the head facing to the most senior person on the table. In addition, head and tail also signify beginning and end. Hence, the full fish with its head and tail symbolizes good wishes for people to accomplish anything from the start to finish.

– Rinse the fish, and put it on a plate.
– Add 2 cups of water to the steamer, heat it up at medium-high heat.
– Place the plate in the steamer and steam for 10 to 12 minutes.
– While steaming the fish, thinly slice the spring onions and red chilies.
– Boil the soy sauce and turn off the heat immediately after boiling.
– Heat the cooking oil to 180 or 190 degrees.
– Take out the whole plate when the fish has finished steaming, spread the sliced onions and red chilies on top of the fish
– Pour the soy sauce on the top, pour the hot oil evenly on the onions.
The nice aroma immediately spreads in the air, and it is ready to serve.

4. Full Cooking Video

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