chicken wings with Coca Cola

The Best Coca-Cola Chicken Wing Recipe Ever

These Coca-Cola chicken wings are so delicious they’ll make you want to lick out every drop of the sticky sauce from your fingers. In addition, it’s simple to cook, inexpensive, and less oily compared to other chicken wing recipes. So, although Americans invented the magical beverage Coca-Cola, the Chinese extended the miracle from a pure drink to a great coca-cola chicken wings recipe.

1.1. Ingredients

chicken wings

❣️1kg chicken wings
❣️1 can (330ml) original taste Coca-Cola
❣️2tbsp of light color soy sauce
❣️2 tbsp of rice wine or white wine
❣️1 tbsp of dark color soy sauce
❣️3 slices of lemon
❣️ 1 star anise
❣️1 tbsp of olive oil or other vegetable oil
❣️1 tsp of salt

1.2. Preparation steps:

fried chicken wings

– Wash the chicken wings and drain off the excess water.
– Trim off the skins on the edges, two shallow cuts on both sides of the wings
– Heat up a frying pan, spray the spray cooking oil a few times, and fry the wings on both sides until the color changes to a golden brown. Fry at medium to high heat for 6 minutes.
– Heat up another wok, add 1 tbsp cooking oil, fry the star anise with low heat until you smell the aroma.
– Transfer the wings to the wok.
– Add the wine, and soy sauces into the frying pan, scrap all the nice residue of the fried wings at the bottom and add everything from the frying pan into the wok.
– Squeeze the lemon juice into the wok and add the lemon
– Add in the coke
– Add the salt
– Cover the wok, and cook at medium heat for 15 minutes until the sauce is bubbling and has thickened
– Take out the wings, drizzle the sauce on the top, sprinkle roasted sesame seeds and serve.

2. Full Chinese Coca-cola chicken wing recipe

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