teriyaki chicken with rice

The Most Delicious Teriyaki Chicken You Will Ever Taste

This Fabulous teriyaki chicken will make you beg for more. The secret is in the sauce as they say. And in this case, that’s absolutely true. You need to master how to cook teriyaki sauce first so that you can cook this delicious teriyaki chicken. But don’t worry the recipe is very easy. 
By the way did you know you can keep your teriyaki sauce for one month in the fridge and use it as often as you want?
The following teriyaki chicken recipe is for 3.

Delicious teriyaki chicken

Cooking time is about 20 minutes (without counting the time for cooking the teriyaki sauce).  The sauce was made previously and the recipe can be found here.

2. Ingredients

❣️500g boneless and skinless chicken thigh

3. Seasonings

❣️Half tea spoon black pepper
❣️One tea spoon of salt
❣️2 table spoons of corn starch
❣️1 table spoon of dark colour soy sauce

4. Preparation

■ Cut the chicken into big bite pieces
■ Mix all the seasonings except the dark soy sauce into the chicken and set for 3 minutes

5. Cooking Steps

■ Heat up a frying pan, then lightly coat the bottom with vegetable cooking oil,
■ Pan fry both side of the chicken pieces until they are golden brown
■ Add the Teriyaki sauce and dark colour soy sauce, then boil for one minute
■ Turn off the fire and take out to the plate and serve immediately.

6. Full Cooking Video

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