Chinese braised pork

How to Cook The Best Chinese Braised Pork

Discover the best Chinese braised pork recipe hands down. This dish goes well with rice and as left over can make great Chinese braised pork burgers.

Chinese braised pork in a LeCreuset Casserole

Cooking time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Servings: 5 people

2. Ingredients

❣️ 1kg pork belly

3. Seasoning

❣️5 slices of ginger
❣️2 pieces of star anise
❣️1 cinnamon roll
❣️2 table spoons of golden granular sugar
❣️1 table spoon dark brown sugar
❣️2 table spoons dark colour soy sauce
❣️5 table spoons light colour soy sauce
❣️60ml Chinese rice cooking wine
❣️2 table spoons of the red sauce of Chinese preserved bean curd (optional)
❣️150ml to 200ml hot water
❣️1 table spoon cooking oil

4. Cooking steps for Chinese braise pork

■ Cut the chinese braised pork belly into 3cm cubes
■ Put the pork cubes in a pot of cold water, wait until they boil for a minute. Take out the pork (to be transferred into a casserole type container)
■ Put the cooking oil in the casserole pot at low heat. Add the ginger, cinnamon roll and star anise. Then fry all for 30 seconds.
■ Add the boiled pork and all the other seasonings.
■ Stir a bit and add the hot water and mix well.
■ Turn the fire to very low level. Simmer for 1h30min, but stir and turn in the middle of that time period (45minutes after starting).

5. Serve

📌 This Chinese braised pork can be served with steamed rice. Add one more vegetable dish to get a complete meal for family. Suggestion: a cold beer will instantly transport you to the streets of Shanghai, Beijing where this food is really appreciated.

📌 Another way is to use the left over Chinese style braised pork the next day or two to cook Chinese style burger
For this burger recipe you will need:
👉 A few fresh green chillies, diced and chop into small pieces,
👉 Two or three spring onions also chopped into small pieces
👉 A handful of fresh coriander leaves roughly chopped.
■ Chop the leftover pork into small pieces also.
■ Heat up the pork in a pot.
Mix three table spoons of pork, two table spoons of chilli, spring onion and coriander leaves.
■ Cut the homemade Chinese style burger bread in the middle (recipe coming soon) and put in the mixture.
Add Ketch-up, cheese and mustard. You just will not believe how great this simple recipe taste.

Chinese braised pork bun burger
Chinese braised pork bun burger

5. Full Cooking Video

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