Pan fried Vegetarian chinese spring rolls

How to Cook The Best Vegetarian Chinese Spring Rolls

Find out how you can make this delicious vegetarian Chinese spring rolls that will make every one at home happy. I promise the plates will empty faster than you can fill them.

Chinese spring rolls

Because it’s traditionally the food people have during spring time, wrapped with  all the spring vegetables. Some people call it “egg roll” which is not accurate.  You can add chicken, pork or fish slivers which is fine. But the traditional way is to only use vegetables.

Chinese spring rolls

2. Cooking Ingredients:

A. Cooking time

❣️30minutes, for 5 people

B. Ingredients for 20 Spring Rolls

❣️Frozen spring roll pastry.  A pack of 40, unfinished pastry can be refrozen.
❣️One sweetheart cabbage
❣️One medium size onion
❣️Two or three medium size carrots
❣️ 200 fresh shiitake mushrooms or 100g dried shiitake mushrooms
❣️ One pack of dry vermicelli

– 1/4 tea spoon white pepper
– 1/4 tea spoon of salt
– 1/4 tea spoon chicken flavor powder
– 1 table spoon soy sauce

C. Ingredients for the flour paste

❣️1 table spoon plain flour
❣️3 table spoons water, mix well

D. Cooking steps

–       Heat up the wok with medium fire, add 4 table spoons of cooking oil,
–       Add the shredded onion first. Fry until it gets tender
–       Add carrots and mix well with the onion and cover the lid for 30 seconds.
–       Move the onion and carrots aside
–       Add the Mushroom then stir for 20 seconds;
–       Move the onion, carrots and mushrooms aside, add the cabbage in and stir for a few second.
–       Add all the seasonings and mix all the vegetables in the wokwell;
–       Add the chopped vermicelli in and stir fry everything for 30 seconds. 
–       Turn off the fire and let it cool down

Put a heaped table spoon the filling on one corner of the square shaped wrap. Fold this corner first, and then fold the left and right corners, and then roll the fold toward the fourth corner. Seal the end with the flour paste.

E. Last step: Pan fry your Chinese rolls

❣️Heat up a frying pan, add the cooking oil, just cover the bottom.
❣️Add the spring roll in the pan with medium heat, fry both side until golden crispy.
❣️Take out the roll and put on the kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil.
❣️Serve when they are warm.

3. Full Cooking Video

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