chinese bubble tea

The Best Chinese Bubble Tea Around – Red Bean

Chinese bubble tea is a very popular drink amongst young people in China. Discover why this simple recipe is so loved.

chinese bubble tea

Only 5 minutes of preparation time
Serving for one person

2. Ingredients for one glass of Chinese bubble tea

❣️One English breakfast tea bag
❣️200ml hot boiling water
❣️2 table spoons of canned Adzuki beans
❣️1 table spoon of condensed milk
❣️120ml fresh milk
❣️40g of bubbles (actually these bubbles are made from starch with a bit of added flavours and colours)
❣️One tea spoon of sugar 

ingredient used to make chinese bubble tea

3. Cooking Steps

■ Boil 250ml of water in a small pot, add the bubbles in the boiling water and boil for 3 minutes
■ Take out the bubbles and cool down in cold water for 5 minutes
■ Brew the tea with 200ml hot water for 30 seconds
■ Take out the tea bag
■ Add the red beans, condensed milk, fresh milk and cooled bubbles, sugar and mix well.
You can put ice cubes if you fancy a cold drink. Otherwise, you can microwave for a further 40 seconds for hot bubble tea.

4. Full Video Chinese bubble tea recipe

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