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Sushi is a very delicious and can be made with different ingredients and multitudes of shapes. Discover a quick and easy way to make great sushi you will love at home.

Sushi plate with bean curd sushi and sushi rolls

Cooking time: 1 hour and 10 minutes including 40 minutes to steam the rice
Servings: 3 people

2. Tools to make your sushi

You will need a rice cooker and a sushi mat.

3. Ingredients for your different sushi

❣️ 4 cups of Sushi rice
❣️ One pack of readymade fried soybean curd (including the two sachets of sushi seasonings included in the pack). This pack can make 12 bean curd sushi.  (I bought it from a Korean supermarket)
❣️ One pack of roasted seaweed sheet for sushi
❣️ One avocado
❣️ Half cucumber
❣️ 3 table spoons of pork flosses
❣️ 80g cooked prawn

4. Seasonings

❣️ 6 table spoons of liquid sushi seasoning,
❣️ 4 table spoons of sushi seasoning powder

5. Preparation

–       Steam the sushi rice
–       Wash the rice, put in the rice cooker. Fill with the water amount matching the scale on the rice pot. Let the rice soak in the water for 10 to 15 minutes before pressing the start button.
–       After the rice is steamed, take out the rice in two bowls, one to make the soybean curd sushi and one for the roll’s types
–       Slice the cucumber into finger size sticks
–       Slice the avocado 

6. Cooking Steps

We are going to make 3 kinds of sushi. Two rolls (one with avocado and pork floss and the other one with cucumber) and 1 triangle bean curd sushi.

📌 Making Bean curd triangle sushi

Triangle Bean curd sushi on a plate

–       Put the seasonings (provided in the soybean curd pack) onto the rice and mix well
–       Drain the water from bean curd
Open the triangle shaped bean curd like a pocket. Scoop out the seasoned rice and fill in the bean curd, press the rice firmly with your thumb, then display the sushi on a plate with the acute angle facing up.

📌 Making cucumber sushi rolls

Sushi rolls with cucumber, pork floss and avocado

–       Mix the seasonings (provided in the soybean curd pack) in the plain rice bowl, then mix well.
–       Lay a piece of roasted seaweed on the bamboo mat, then spread a thin layer of seasoned rice on 1/3 of the seaweed. Fill the 1/3 area that is close to you, so you can roll the rice onto the remain roasted seaweed surface.
–       Put some cucumber sticks (the layers of rice and cucumber stick should be the same width of the seaweed sheet).
Roll the bamboo mat tightly away from you.  The key for the sushi roll is that it must be tight.

📌 Making avocado sushi rolls

–       To make avocado and pork floss sushi rolls, just repeat the above steps except that you change the cucumber and prawn to avocados and pork flosses.
–       Use a sharp knife to cut the sushi roll into one-inch-long pieces.

Display the sushi’s on a plate and serve with soy sauce mixed with a bit wasabi paste

Different kinds of sushi displayed on a flat plate

7. Full Cooking Video

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