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The Best Way To Make Chinese Steamed Buns

I show you how to make the best Chinese steamed buns in this recipe. You don’t need many ingredients. Just flour, salt, yeast and water. Instead of using oven, Chinese people like to use the steamer to cook many things like steamed rice and steamed bread. Therefore steamed buns are very popular in China.

Uncooked chinese steamed buns

Actual cooking time is about 3 hours including 2h of rest time for the flour to grow in size.

2. Key Products For this dessert

3. Ingredients for Chinese steamed buns

❣️500g strong bread flour (I substitute 100g with the whole wheat strong flour)
❣️7g of fast acting yeast
❣️250ml of warm water (42degrees)

4. Preparation

▪️ Mix the yeast and flour evenly, add the water little by little, make a smooth dough. You can roughly form the dough first then let it set for 10 minutes. Afterwards it will be easier to form a smooth dough.
▪️Cover the dough with a cling film. Let it double its size. Approx. time to let it rest is 2hours
▪️Knock back the dough, and knead it for another 10 minutes, then cut it in 10 even pieces.
▪️Fold each piece from outside to centre. Use your hands to form a bell shape. Bash the ball on the work top several times to push out the excess of air in the dough.
▪️Put the shaped ball in a steamer lined with the non-stick steam paper. Leave at least 2cm distance between each piece.
▪️Cover the lid, let it set for 20 minutes. They will be ready to steam when the balls are bigger and lighter.
▪️Turn on the fire to medium-high heat, then cook for 20 minutes. Afterwards, turn off the fire.
▪️Wait for another 3 minutes before opening the lid.
▪️Take out the steamed bread from the steamer and serve.

To keep them fresh, the unfinished breads can be put in a zipped food bag and frozen after they are cooled down. When you want to eat them next time, just re-steam them for 15 minutes right after take them out of the freezer (they do not need to be defrosted). They will be like freshly made again.

5. Full Cooking Video

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