Most people are terrified of learning a new language. When it comes to learning mandarin the terror increases ten fold. Fortunately I have created a series of videos that will teach you easy and important Chinese characters. You will understand Chinese words, their phonetics and the context in which they are used. What more, because of our root system, you will build a foundation that most local Chinese do not have. Along the way you will also learn few simple dishes that will make you an instant classic amongst your asian peers and, or family members. Since food is a strong part of the Chinese culture I will help you get accepted in no time.


虽然牛肉有各种做法,并可自成为家常或餐馆的一道主菜,但是牛肉和面不知怎么就成了绝配。全国各地的兰州牛肉拉面和红烧牛肉面馆随处可见, 朝鲜冷面里的几片肉也是牛肉,有名的越南河粉也是牛肉汤和肉的河粉最正宗。

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