How to make Chinese Chili Oil from scratch – With 3 Kinds of Chili

How to make Chinese Chili Oil from scratch – With 3 Kinds of Chili

chinese chili oil

Delicious chines chili oil

Ingredients to make a flavoured oil (for chinese chili oil)

• 1 pce star anise
• 1 cinnamon stick
• 20 pces of Sichuan peppercorn
• Half of a red onion sliced
• 3 slices of ginger
• 1 spring onion cut in diagonal (1 inch)

1.1. Add Oil in your Cooking Pan

Heat-up the oil to 200°C then Lower the Fire

1.2. Add your ingredients Slowly

Be careful with hot oil – Cook the ingredients for 8 minutes.
These ingredients will give your Chinese chili oil its unique flavour. We will use this Flavoured Oil as base for our Chinese Chili Oil.

ingredients used to flavour oil used in chili oil

2. Ingredients B

3 types of chili used to make chinese chili oil

We use 3 kinds of chili to make this chili sauce:
– 20g Dry bullet chilly – crushed, not too hot but great for aroma
– 15g of Korean chili powder – for nice colour
– 10g of Dried chilli Long – hot

For information on how to get these ingredients don’t hesitate to contact us at
– 20g of roasted peanuts – Coarse Crushed
– Roasted sesame seeds – slightly grinded
– 15g of fermented beans
– 1 tspoon of sugar + ½ tspoon of salt
– ½ tspoon of vodka

3. Ingredients B will be mixed with our Flavoured Oil: 

After 8 minutes remove the first sets of ingredients, then add the new ones.
Start with fermented beans. Stir well. Let the whole thing cool down. Then pour into a glass jar.
You can leave it outside as it can last for a few month. Ideal with many of the chinese dish we love to make at Eazzychinese.

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