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The Best Glutinous Rice Balls Recipe Ever Made | 汤圆

It is the Chinese tradition to eat sweet dumplings, also called glutinous rice balls, on the 15th day of the new year to celebrate the first full moon, during the Lantern Festival! These glutinous rice balls are not challenging to make, and you too can cook them at home, rather than buying chemically made ones. My only reminder is that you wear a pair of gloves, as the sticky rice flour can be very sticky!

Glutinous Rice Balls in a ball

Glutinous Rice Balls of different colours

❣️ 120g Of Roasted Peanuts (Skinless)
❣️ 20g Of Roasted Black Sesame Seeds
❣️ 20g Of Roasted White Sesame Seeds
❣️ 40g Of Golden Caster Sugar
❣️ 20g Of Dark Brown Sugar
❣️ 1 Tablespoon Of Honey
❣️ 50g Of butter

2. Ingredients for the wrap

Uncooked Glutinous Rice Balls

❣️ 250g of Sweet Rice(Sticky Rice) Flour
❣️ 30g of Corn Starch
❣️ 200ml of Hot Water (About 70 Degrees)

3. Preparing the fillings of these glutinous rice balls

👉 Melt the butter
👉 Put all the dry ingredients in a blender, and blend them into fine powder
👉 Add the honey and melted butter into the powder, mix everything into a paste with your hand (wearing the gloves) 👉 Put the paste in a box, flatten it, and put it into a refrigerator or a freezer for 20 to 30 minutes
👉 When the paste is firm, cut it into 40 even cubes
👉 Shape the cubes into small round balls with your hands (wearing gloves)

4. Preparing the wraps

👉 Mix the sweet rice flour and corn starch in a bowl
👉 Add the hot water gradually into the flour, mix well and roughly knead a dough
👉 Take a piece of this dough (about 50g or an egg size), then flatten it
👉 Boil the flattened dough in boiling water for about 3 to 4 minutes until it is translucent
👉 Take out the boiled dough and cool it down in cold water for a few minutes
👉 Put the cooled dough back to the main dough and knead together for 5 minutes (wearing gloves), until it is very elastic

5. Making the rice balls

👉 Take a piece of dough (about 12g), flatten it into a circle with thin edges, then put one of the filling balls in the center of the circle. Gently close the wrap around the filling, and shape it into a ball.
👉 Put the balls on a tray lined up with the non-stick paper (If you can not cook all the glutinous rice balls, put what is left in the freezer. Typically one person will eat five balls. So if you have four people in your family, you might want to use half of the portion and freeze the other half).

6. Cook the glutinous rice balls

👉 Bring a pot of water (about 1litter) to boil with medium-level heat.
👉 Make a swirl of the water, and add the dumplings into the pot.
👉 Gently stir to prevent them from sticking on the bottom.
👉 Cover the lid until all the dumplings are floating on the top.
👉 Open the lid, add 50ml of cold water, boil for another 2 minutes without the lid.
👉 Turn off the heat and take out the glutinous rice balls with a bit of hot water to prevent them from sticking at the bottom of the bowl.
👉 Serve immediately.

7. Full Cooking Video

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