Not all pleasure need to be Guilty – The best Healthy hotdogs recipe

Not all pleasure need to be Guilty – The best Healthy hotdogs recipe

1. Ingredients to make your Healthy Hotdogs? 

Healthy vegetables for hotdogs

–       1 Green Cabbage
–       3 Carrots
–       2 Pealed red Onions
–       3 Green Chilli
–       6 Hotdog buns
–       6 Frankfurt    Sausage   
–       1tble spoon Vinegar
–       1tea spoon salt (for Veg)
–       4tble spoons of Oil

1.1. Slice your vegetables

Start with the green cabbage, then the carrots, onions and chilli.

1.2. Add Oil in your Cooking Pan

Using a wok, slightly heat-up the oil, then fry your carrots first. The whole will take a colourful orange appearance. With the help of a draining spoon, separate the oil from the carrots. Then add your onions. Repeat the same process before adding your cabbage. Let the whole cook for few minutes, steering occasionally. Lower the fire, then cover the wok with a lid.

1.3. Fry your hotdogs

Use a pan fry to cook your hotdogs.
– First heat up the pan on medium fire. Gently add-up your sausages. For best result use Frankfurt style sausages.
– Go back to steering your vegetables, making sure they don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. You don’t want to burn them. Cover again with a lid.
– Check your sausages until they have taken a good fried colour. Then turn-off the fire.
– Back to the vegetables. Add some salt (1tea spoon), Chinese vinegar, and steer again for 4 minutes.
– Turn off the fire.

1.4. Heat-up your buns in an oven

For great taste, use Rich & Buttery Hot Dog Rolls. They will add extra flavour to your dish. Leave in the oven for 4-5 minutes at 150℃.

Add an extra sauce such as ketch-up of mustards. I created this recipe in China as I wanted to make a quick dish that my son but also chinese parents would like. Since they are not too keen on fast-food, I thought about using vegetables they are familiar with and that I knew they would eat. They tried it, and ever since this has become one of our favourite dish.
beware of the appearance of the hotdog versus the appetite it will generate. At first I thought 1 hot dog per person would be enough. Very soon I realised that the right portion was two per person. Yet, my 12 years old son is alway up for a third one.

Enjoy and let me know how it went.

2. Why do you need a wok? 

2.1. This is an essential chinese tool

If you ever stroll the streets of china, you will see many street vendors cooking and selling food to passerby. One of the key tools they use is a wok. It’s almost a measure of skill to be able to fry or cook your ingredients amidst strong fire, without even breaking a sweat. In Chinese homes, a wok is a tool we use every day, to cook delicious egg-fried rice in the morning or any other kinds of dishes such as our healthy hotdogs. Along with a chinese style knife this is a must have in any chinese homes.
There are many benefits of using a wok. First you can manoeuvre with more flexibility than with a flat cooking pan. second; you can handle different kinds of food portions. You therefore want to buy a wok you can almost pass down to your next generation. selecting the right wok can be daunting so I have made a selection based on my own judgement. click on the link and give it a try.

Happy cooking.

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