Easy Chinese Food recipe San Si Mian 三丝面

The Best Of Chinese Noodle In Ten Minutes – San Si Mian (三丝面)

San Si Mian-三丝面 Chinese Noodle with shredded eggs, cucumber and carrots with sesame Paste
The 3 elements of San Si Mian 三丝面

San or 3 in Chinese is a cherish number, therefore the combination of that number even in a dish will get you started on the right foot. With San Si Mian (三丝面) you get just that.
San Si Mian (三丝面) consists of shredding 3 different ingredients and mixing them with noodle.


The 3 Key Elements of San Si Mian – 三丝面

The 3-star ingredients are cucumber, carrots and eggs. Yes, you read it right. You can shred eggs (follow the video if you are unsure how to achieve that with fried eggs). This dish is served cold or hot and therefore can be enjoyed every time of the year.
The colourful appearance of this dish also adds to Chinese‘s love for eye watering food.

To make this dish you will need (Ingredients: For 3 persons):
   – Noodle
   – Chopped coriander
   – Soy sauce mixed with vinegar (4 table spoons each)
   – Sesame paste (3/4 table spoon) + 100 mil water
   – Sesame oil
   – 3 eggs
   – 3/4 garlic cloves
   – 3 mid-size carrots
   – 1 cucumber
   – Salt


There are 3 steps involved in the process of making San Si Mian – 三丝面: 

2. Ingredients of San Si Mian – 三丝面:

❣️ Chops corianders in small pieces
❣️ Slice 3 medium size carrots that you will shred afterwards.
❣️ Do the same for one big cucumber (You might only have to use 2/3 of that cucumber).
❣️ The last shredded element are the eggs. Pan fry every egg individually as if you wanted to make a pancake. Fry on both sides. After, let them cool down on a plate. You will come back to them later.
❣️ Mix 4 table spoons of vinegar and soy sauce together. That will be your final sauce along with the sesame sauce.
❣️ Prepare the sesame sauce. For that you will need to mix 3/4 table spoon of sesame paste with 100ml of water. Sesame paste naturally come with oil so you use the oil from the jar. Add one tea spoon of salt and one table spoon of maple syrup. The water needs to be added in parsimony to prevent the paste to clog. Stir in one direction. The first two times the paste will absorb the water. That is completely normal. What you are after is a sauce that is liquid enough, but not too much as you will lose the flavour of the sauce and dilute the salt too much
❣️ After you finished with the sauce, chop the garlic cloves and add in a bowl. If you want some garlic flavour but not too much, add some salt and water into the bowl, then let it rest for few minutes. You will use the water instead of the garlic.

3. Boil the Noodles

Thin noodles generally need 3 to 4 minutes max to boil. Thicker noodle about 7minutes. If the Noodles boil too long, they will become soggy and the taste will not be great. 
❣️ First boil water in a wok. You can empty a full kettle of boiling water. When the water is boiled,
❣️ Add the equivalent of 300 grams of noodle (100g per person). Cover the wok with a lid. When the foam is almost coming out of the wok, add a small cup of cold water. (For thin noodle, only do this once. For thicker ones, repeat the process 3 times.)
❣️ After 3 minutes, uncover the wok and pour a full bowl of cold water. That will prevent the noodles from sticking together. 
❣️ Separate the noodles in 3 plates (without any water) then,
❣️ Add about a tea spoon of sesame oil immediately. This will further prevent your noodle from sticking again together. 
❣️ Then mix them well.

4. Put everything together

You are almost there, so hold yourself and follow the steps below:
❣️ Add the three shreds on top of the noodles
❣️ Join them with some of the corianders you chopped
❣️ Add about 3 table spoons of the soy sauce and vinegar mix, 
❣️ Then one or two tea spoon of garlic water.
❣️ Lastly add the sesame paste. Three table spoons or even more if you are like me. 
❣️ For those who like spice add some chilly

5. Video: How to cook san si mian


Let me know what you thought about this recipe. Was it easy to make?

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