Wanton 馄饨

How to Cook The Best Chinese Wonton 馄饨 – Recipes

Discover one of my favourite Chinese dishes: Wonton 馄饨. Very delicate skins and great fillings are key for delicious wontons.

Wanton 馄饨

People are wondering what are the differences between wonton (馄饨) and dumpling. Actually, wonton (馄饨) is quite similar with dumpling.  They both have fillings and are wrapped with skins made of out dough.  However, there are few differences between them:
a) The shape of the wonton (馄饨) wrap is mostly a square while dumpling wrap is always in a circular shape;
b) Wonton (馄饨) can be wrapped in quite a few different ways and end up in different shapes and sizes. But dumpling is mostly the same shape even if you wrap it in different ways;
c) Dumpling can be pan fried and boiled, while wonton (馄饨) is mostly made for soups.  
Last time I have mentioned that garlic sprouts goes well with the seafood. Today, I’m going to make wonton (馄饨) with the prawn and ground turkey.

Chopped Garlic sprout for wanton 馄饨

2. Cooking tools and Ingredients

A. Cooking tools:

A long rolling pin, a big flat working top and a big boiling pot.

B. Ingredients for the dough:

▪️500g very strong white flour
▪️210 cold water
▪️Half tea spoon salt
▪️Handful of wheat starch 

C. Ingredients for the filling:

▪️300g ground pork, chicken or turkey
▪️100g fresh prawn
▪️150g garlic sprouts
▪️4 slices of ginger
▪️30 Sichuan purple pepper corns
▪️2 table spoons of light colour soy sauce
▪️1 table spoon of oyster sauce
▪️4 table spoons of sesame oil
▪️1/4 spoon of white pepper powder
▪️One tea spoon of salt

D. Sauce for 3 servings:

▪️A handful of coriander
▪️One tea spoon of salt
▪️Half team spoon of white pepper powder
▪️3 table spoon vinegar
▪️3 tea spoons of chili oil (optional. Check out my videos on how to make delicious Chinese chilli oil)
▪️One table spoon of sesame oil

E. Cooking steps:

Kneading the dough

Mix the flour and half tea spoon of salt together. Add the water slowly while mixing the flour.  This dough is a bit dry and tough, hence you need to knead for longer time. A good wonton skin must be thin and strong. That is the reason why I use the very strong flour. I spend 20 minutes kneading the dough.  
Cover the dough with the cling film and set aside for 30 minutes.  At the same time, you can prepare the filling.

Make the filling

1) Finely chop the ginger and mix it with the Sichuan pepper corn in a bowl. Add 50ml of boiling water into the bowl Then set aside for 10 minutes. 

2) Use a skimmer to take out the ginger and Sichuan pepper corn. You only need the flavoured water.

3) Mix the ground meat with the other seasonings toward one direction. Then add the ginger water into the ground meat in three times. Mix well until you feel the resistance from the meat. 

4) Chop the prawn into small pieces (1 cm) but do not mash. It’s good to feel the prawn in the wonton.  Mix well with the meat.

5) Chop the Garlic sprouts into half centimetre pieces and put into the seasoned meat and prawn. However, DONOT mix until right before you start to wrap the wonton.

Roll the wrap

1) Use the rolling pin to press the dough to flatten it. This will make the dough more tight and tough.   
2) Dust the dough with the wheat starch, then roll the dough into a big and thin circle. The skin is about 1mm thin and almost transparent. 
3) Cut the big circle into 7cm wide long belts, and then cut the belts into 7cm squares.  Cut off the edges.

Wrap the wonton

1) Mix the chopped garlic sprouts and the meat well.
2) Place a small lump of filling in the middle of the wrap. Fold in diagonal first, then squeeze the top of the wrap together to tightly seal the filling.

Boil the wonton

1) Boil 3 litre of water in the big pot at high temperature. Then add in the wonton when the water is fully boiled.  Maintain high heat throughout the boiling process.
2) Gently stir the wonton to prevent them from sticking down at the bottom. Cover the lid and bring back to boil.
3) Add 100ml of cold water into the pot, and stir a bit. Cover the lid again to wait until it boils back.
4) Add 100ml of cold water again and let it back to boil once more.
5) Turn off the heat, use the skimmer to take the wonton out into big serving bowls.  
6) Add all the ingredients for the sauce and serve.   

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